Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Torchwood RETURNS Summer 2011 on the STARZ Network

1 of many reports

Summer 2011 on Starz. Filmed in some American Locations. And I'd presume it'll air in a 1st run in the States as well.

I have a write-up coming soon about "Party Down" from the Starz network, and along with TW now on their network, and possibly some other shows, Starz are starting to remind me of the USA Network in quality shows.

Now how different Torchwood will be, without 3 of the original cast and in new locations, who knows. I really thought the "Children of Earth" mini-series was done well.

It's funny since there were reports about the FOX network doing an American version of the show, with John Barrowman reprising his role. Odds are, if they had even aired it, it would have gone the way of Terminator, Dollhouse, TruCalling, only lasting 2 seasons or even less.