Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Revere - "We Won't Be Here Tomorrow" on Best of Myspace Podcast

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
New single featured on Best of MySpace podcast
Category: Music
Our new single - We Won't Be Here Tomorrow - opens the latest Best of MySpace podcast (No. 97) which features 'the best new music on MySpace as nominated by the listeners'.

The podcast is currently in the iTunes Top 100 and one of the tracks will make it onto Gill Mill's NME Radio Show on Sunday evening, 4-6pm. Lets hope it's ours!!

You can hear the podcast by clicking on either the link or the image below ...

If Gogol Bordello and Arcade Fire were to form a band with some of The Doves, this is pretty close to what they’d sound like.

Not that I care for Arcade Fire of course, but that description isn't awful. I'm not sure how much this actually means, but obviously some people are becoming aware of them.

Hey! Selim drops on August 2nd. It sure would be nice to see some artwork and a track list soon.