Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking Bad Season 3 (thoughts/wrap-up)

When the 3rd season of this show began, I was a bit overwhelmed by Walt's actions. He just seemed to be losing his soul. The bad decisions, even for him, seemed to be a bit rash and extreme. However, now having seen the entire season, I like how Vince Gilligan has smoothed some of those things out. Also the way the show seemed to be going, it was cutting things close to the point where many of the secrets were finally being revealed to some characters. So much so, it seemed like this could be the final season. Or at least close to it.

But the entire plot with Gus, the cartel, Jesse, and even Hank's health. Heck, also add the 2 gang/dealers that Walt took out to save Jesse, along with what happened at the very end to cliffhanger it, I think the show has been opened up a fair amount.

Good writers find ways to breath new life into stories. They add new interesting characters (something I think TrueBlood
I am sensing really needs this season), or just explore more to characters than you'd expect. I think Breaking Bad is doing that. Sure, everything between Walt and Gus is now likely going to be changed for the rest of the show. The Gus
character, while one of the most interesting on the show, is maybe not quite as critical for the entire show's story arc, like say the Ben character became on Lost. In other words, he may not last and Gilligan could bring in someone
else in to focus on.

I guess the question has to be asked, will next season be the last? I'm really not sure depending on where they lead the story. I don't believe Walt's cancer is gone for good. I bet a large sum of the money he has will eventually be
used for the medical treatment he will need for that at some point.

Also eventually Hank will find out Walt's secret. I dunno if it'll be like a Shawn on Psych thing, where it's revealed on the last episode kind of thing. I think a Walt/Hank conflict will eventually come up, just as the Walt/Gus one has now been

At any case, I think this show has now supplanted itself as the best current episodic/large story-arc show on TV, especially with Lost gone now. It's great to see. The only part about that sucks, of course, is how short and
how long between seasons. We have to wait nearly 10 months until we get to find out what happens next. Did Jesse shoot Gale? among many other questions to be answered next season of course. Damn, March 2011 can't come soon enough!

Now I just have to go on to their website and checkout things like interviews, webisodes and things.