Friday, February 19, 2010

Late of the Pier - Best in the Class (Video)

the guitar riff around 2:25 is pretty sweet. The last few seconds and really most of the video is silly. Kind of makes me remember seeing that Apes and Androids video for Golden Prize. Silly, Silly.

But here's the deal. I recall reading and posting that Late of the Pier had a new album coming titled "Blueberry Pie" after the single "Blueberry" was made available. This track/video "Best in the Class" is the b-side to that single in fact.

But on their page I've been seeing a number of conflicting sources about a new lp in 2010.

There is this blog posting where I got the news about this video from.

That also says this new lp, whatever it will be called, is their 4th album. I only know their last record, "Fantasy Black Channel" which is in fact THEIR DEBUT FULL-LENGTH album. They had a couple of previous eps

"Zarcorp Demo"(2007)
"Refill Men Twist & The Zarcorp Legacy" (2005).

But apparently 1 of the members has some new project he's doing, but also the band are working on that 2ND full-length record, whether it's going to be called "Blueberry Pie" or not.

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