Monday, February 8, 2010

Apparatjik - We Are Here (2010)

1. "Deadbeat" 2:52
2. "Datascroller" 2:58
3. "Snow Crystals" 4:32
4. "Supersonic Sound" 3:24
5. "Arrow and Bow" 4:20
6. "In a Quiet Corner" 3:35
7. "Josie" 3:30
8. "Antlers" 3:20
9. "Electric Eye" 6:02
10. "Look Kids" 4:52
11. "Quiz Show" 2:33

Here's just the review I put up on rateyourmusic. I hardly am clear on how I feel about this album, but given how little talk about it I've noticed on the boards, I'm kind of surprised.

Gone through it twice. Seems to fall into the category a lot of records I've been checking out of late. The best moments or tracks I really dig. The rest may grow on me, but for now sort of falls into the albums "sound" which in a nutshell is like if Mew were doing more heavily electronic or even industrial driven music, and also with somewhat of an 80's new wave flare. Given this has members of Coldplay and A-Ha, that is almost too predictable.

But while this doesn't seem to be as great as a Mew record (yet), the songwriting and experiments I am liking no matter.

It'll be interesting to know how I feel about this by the end of the year. But in the mean time, especially the Mew crowd, I'd highly endorse this (while not expecting Mew at the same time).

I really like the chorus/bridge on this track, although it sounds much worse from a youtube stream of course.

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