Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Local Natives =/= Fleet Kittens WILL IT EVER END? review

I may just come to expect it every fucking time. I mean there ya go, more or less PROOF of the naivete of the hipster.

But while Fleet Foxes gravitate towards more rootsy, Crosby, Stills and Nash-style harmonics, Local Natives draw on the Talking Heads’ brand of Afro-pop (Gorilla Manor actually features a cover of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign”).

uhh, Local Natives are influenced by CSN&Y. As much if not MORE than FFs.

One of the 1st interviews I saw with Cavil at Rest they MENTIONED Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Buddy, what fucking color is the sky in your world?

Not to mention the video there is a verbatim read of what is written (or transcribed?) in print. Also the guy sounds rather nervous and rushed as he's talking; which honestly makes him sound quite insincere and SCRIPTED.

But it's Rolling-Shit, basically the grandfather to Pukefork, and father to eMpTv. But the pathetic thing is, far too many people will see/read this and immediately think Local Natives are just like Fleet Foxes.

=/= but >

by the way, the bonus DVD on the UK Edition from 2009 of Gorilla Manor is pretty boss. 6 tracks, acoustic, shot in various sites on tour. Some outdoors, some indoors. Some B&W.

Camera Talk
Cards & Quarters
Warning Sign
World News
Stranger Things

Some of it may surface on yewtewb and maybe I'll post it in here.

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