Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Antlers and Local Natives in Minneapolis Spring 2010!

The Antlers are I believe HEADLINING @ The Varsity Theater (niice!) on 4/20/2010. The same date that Transatlantic with Daniel Gildenlow will be playing in Chicago.

-seeing my brother in Chicago, on his bday (but seeing him and his wife + kids another weekend is likely anyway), seeing Daniel and with TA. And seeing Mike on his bday and whatever they may do.

-cost. $200+?
-The Whirlwind, as I posted in my 2009 Turkeys of the Year, was a HUGE disappointment. if they play a lot of that music live (which I'd think they would) I don't know how much I'd be into it.

Now on the flipside, if and likely when they do stuff off Bridge Across Forever, well that would be sweet.

I'm WAYYY more into The Antlers right now though, and with my budget-conscious mind among other things, it just seems a lot more feasible and responsible to save the $ and enjoy seeing The Antlers. I have the memory from 2000 at Nearfest of TA. And any live release. Not to mention what happened the last time I saw a Portnoy-sideproject on Chicago, lol. 'When the keyboard breaks"..interesting but not exactly what I looked forward to without a keyboard in LTE.

I'm curious how good The Antlers are live. I finally purchased a copy of Hospice. The Radiok flavore-of-the-month Phantogram is on the bill (opening?)

Another note about The Antlers. They posted this new official video for the song "Bear" earlier.

The buzz band of the day/week/time/season/year even..Local Natives will be returning, headlining I believe, on May 17th @ The 400 Bar. Should be sweet although it may sellout quick. I probably will try contacting them tomorrow. But I wonder if the show gets enough demand, it'll be moved to another venue (Varsity..or more like The Cedar, which I don't like how 89.3 has pretty much changed, but with groups like St.Vincent and LN's, I can bite my tongue).

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