Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I (Hate) Love You Man (2009)

Blech. Lou Ferrigno and Rush were absolutely THE only parts of this movie that was worth ANYTHING. Painful.

Here's what a friend of mine did in watching the DVD. We sat through the 1st 20-30mins (I'm not sure how long it was, it certainly SEEMED much longer of course), and then we pretty much fast-forwarded to the scenes with Rush/involving_Rush and the Lou Ferrigno scene. Which, I'll admit, was pretty fucking funny. Just calling him "Hulk" and him getting annoyed.

But far too little. What the fuck were some of the cast thinking? And how is it, some Rush fan in Hollywood pulls-off getting this kind of rubbish past the MPAA and the studios?

Farting jokes, fesces, VOMITING, forced-gay humor and exposure. And frankly, none-of-it-seemed REAL, let alone FUNNY in THE LEAST. It was the constant way they threw this dung in your face that made this movie one of the most un-watchable movies I've ever seen.

Jason Segel has been pretty good in basically everything he's done. How I Met Your Mother, Freaks and Geeks, a small role in Knocked Up, and of course Forgetting Sarah Marshall. WTF?..Jason Jason Jason. ..well, most talents have their mis-steps. I wouldn't be surprised if 5 or 10 years from now, he looks back on this and wonders what the fuck he was thinking.

Paul Rudd suffers kind of badly from Jack Black disease. He needs good writing, with in some cases (Role Models, Knocked Up) he's pretty good. He just came across as stiff and unbelievable. He was like someone trying to be gay, but not knowing they are, but still doing a poor job of it.

Andy Samberg? thanks. The guy's not funny. Rashida Jones? she's pretty, but ya know, had she been shown more as eye-candy it might have helped. Jane Curtin, JK Simmons, Jon Favreu..all underused. Ivan Reitman even co-produced this thing.

This definitely is a contender for Turkey of the year. The Lou Ferrigno scene and seeing the Rush guys, altho some of their trademark artwork was nowhere to be seen, not surprisingly. Frankly, I'd be a bit embarrassed by being involved with this movie to begin with if I were them.

No, this will go down as one of the worst comedies and movies in general this decade. As my friend said, it deserves "MST3K commentary" instead of watching the real thing. Additonally, the commentary on the DVD were not much either. They talked a little about Rush, but no mention of "Freaks and Geeks" the fact that Segel's character played the drums in that show and idolized Neil Peart, lol. And more or less the predictable, yet dillusional praise of this movie, which sadly, was the original reason I wanted to see it after being underwhelmed by the preview. This certainly gets an award for being disgustingly overated.

5-15/100. Take out Ferrigno and Rush, you get 0 or even -/100 perhaps.

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