Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pain of Salvation - Linoleum (2009)

bump 9/30/09 4:19PM

track list (from facebook)

1. Linoleum
2. Mortar Grind
3. If You Wait
4. Gone
5. Bonus Track B
6. Yellow Raven

original: 9/24/09 10:30AM

"Since the new EP Linoleum is scheduled for release on November 16, we thought it might be a cool thing to turn this event into a RELEASE PARTY of sorts!
We pray that we’ll have a bunch of new Linoleum EPs still warm from the pressing, for purchasing and signing (ie you purchase, we sign - or the other way around if that would make more sense due to any hitherto unknown reason), and maybe even a brand new video (if the shooting and cutting schedules work out as planned) to top that off…?

In any case, we will make sure to make this night a quite special occasion both for ourselves in the band and for everyone who shows up!"

Interesting. An LP called "Road Salt" and now an EP titled "Linoleum." Has Daniel been thinking about Geology or Chemistry class of late? lol.

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