Monday, September 21, 2009

The Arusha Accord - The Echo Verses (2009)

A new song will be uploaded to their myspazz in a matter of hours. Here's what they posted earlier this weekend.

Hey guys!
thanks for listening to us, its really good to check out peoples opinions about the material.

we're putting a new track up tomorrow from the album

Its titled ''The Resurgent'' its got a bit more groove in there and is a little different to the other tracks on the album but we wanted this to have variety embeded into it. we've re-written huge parts for tracks like night of the long knives so dont be deceived by seeing the name again, if you want to know anything please ask.

pre-orders for the album will be active as of tomorrow aswell.
with the release on October 12th.

I saw some of you were looking for the split online etc.
the split is only on a clear vinyl (no cd's or digital) but you can get it from the link on our page, if you cant be arsed? which is fair enough...the tracks will also be on the album and we'd really appreciate it if you bought a copy to support us.

thanks for writing though hope you enjoy the album!!!

Paul - TAA

The Echo Verses
1 Dead to Me
2 The Tightrope
3 Desolate
4 The New Face of Revenge
5 Night of the Long Knives
6 The Echo Verse
7 The Resurgent
8 You Cried Wolf
9 The Death of Thieves
10 Solice
11 The Last Rise of the Fallen King

ok, I'm happy to FINALLY see some info. What blows though is exactly what I've been saying for how long? THROW US FANS A MOTHER_FUCKING BONE, mmkay? it really so hard? The album drops on October bloody 12th. How many weeks..or for that matter DAYS from now?..where were these details, heck even just news about how close to being done it was..say in May or even July?

It's not them specifically, but the trend and end-of-year procrastinating that pisses me off with so many bands. How many bands we still haven't heard anything about? I probably have a dozen or maybe 2 dozen on my anticipation list. I removed a few, just based on the fact, no news means nothing. But I wish they wouldn't tease us 9months ago and then be completely offline. If you want people to look forward to your music, come online and say something once in awhile. Blech..this rant is too off-topic.

More TV blogs coming soon including maybe a bit of Emmy comments. Podcast maybe as well.

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hidden said...

They didn't release a huge amount of details on the album until they had a label to release it on (which only happened in the last month or so). It's not like bands are trying to keep you in the dark or something.