Saturday, September 12, 2009

ProgPowerUSA Day 1

Briefly as it's nearly 5am early Saturday morning here at the Hotel, and of course I like many, have not gone to bed yet, lol.

The Good/Surprising:
Diablo Swing Orchestra and the Midnight/Crimson Glory Tribute. I had tears in my eye, very nostalgic, seeing the Midnight tribute. Specifically during "Lonely." I could elaborate more on that in due time, but in short, I felt like I was 20 years old again and it was 1996. DSO, more or less floored me with their energy and styles. The opera-vocals I actually found very little issue with. Perhaps they could be like with Screaming and Metal. Hearing them as a rhythm guitar part, allows my focus to be on the part of their music I enjoy the most, the instrumental sections. They had this sweet surf-rock tune even.

The less than satisfying:
Missing the Orphaned Land signing session for Mindflow. Some folks spoke highly of Mindflow, they were okay, probably could use a producer to help their songwriting. I had no clue OL was signing during their set sadly. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a few minutes to chat with the guys in OL.

Also missing Sabaton's set, which everyone raved about. "Combat/Military Metal" okay. I feel bad for seeing the guys in the elevator beforehand. I was grabbing a bite to eat and seeking out thye Orphaned Land guys in the dealer's room. And probably part of Sabaton's set was when I was in line for Fates Warning's signing. Which of course I went fanboy and forgot to ask Jim Matheos the obvious question about John Arch and maybe even who the drummer on the new record will be. He probably doesn't know, it may be Ron Jarzombeck (sp?) who was there. Spastic Ink-drummer.

Met Ted Leonard and Ed Platt (sort-of) from Enchant at this late hour in the outside lounge here at Artmore Hotel. Briefly, but better than nothing. Perhaps some tomorrow. Not Doug Ott unfortunately.

Of course I met a number of cool fans which I can't rattle off. 1 dude from NY whose a musician and I will check out his stuff. He sounded rather intrigued by my favorite music.

It's pretty clear, I am a bit of a fish-out-of-water here..wearing a dredg t-shirt. The ProgPowerUSA XI Video, not surprisingly di almost NOTHING for me. I know, the bands are what people want. I don't blame Glenn one-bit. But I only had heard-of 3 of 11? Hammerfall, Nocturnal Rites and Kamelot, lol. Oceans of Sadness might have been the most intriguing..and perhaps the band with a female singer I'm forgetting.

But certainly, these bands aren't my cup of tea anymore. I'll see, but maybe PP XII, namely if Andre is finally here with an approved Visa..or some other mircale reunion like The Galactic Cowboys or a Mike Baker-tribute. Of course he passed away within the last year, like Midnight, but where's his tribute? Shadow Gallery need to play 1 concert before they call it a day. A Mike Baker tribute would be totally fitting and classy. But I'd doubt it.

A lot of corset-dressed women..very beautiful, and very much not women I will likely ever see again unless it's at another festival here. Damn, eye-candy.

Fates Warning and Orphaned Land later today..a John Arch special appearance would be golden, but I also wouldn't expect anything of that stature.

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