Friday, May 4, 2018

Umbrellaman - Volcano Beach [EP] (2018)

This is an entry about a new EP that was released about a month ago from Portland band/project Umbrellaman.

Umbrellaman includes Dan Fury who many know with his involvement with Kaddisfly and Water and Bodies. And more recently Madam Officer among other projects.

Dan I guess mixed this EP and plays bass. Although now looking at the credits again, Chris Ruff from Kaddisfly actually recorded/produced it.

And another Kaddisfly connection being Aaron Tollefson is also a member, playing guitar and contributing vocals.

Musically? Umbrellaman remind me of Foals a bit or even Rare Futures/Happy Body Slow Brain in the sort of wavy atmospheric rock.

4 tracks, which I enjoy more or less all of them to an extent. I'm curious to see what Umbrellaman do next, but certainly it's nice to hear something new from some of the Kaddisfly camp members again.

1. Vicious Lovers 03:28
2. The Falls 03:25
3. Stay Gold 02:54
4. White Orchid 05:00

Umbrellaman on Facebook

This latest episode of Dan Fury's Vinyl-focused YouTube Channel "Vinyl Fury" he speaks in more detail about Umbrellaman and the title of the EP Volcano Beach.