Monday, May 21, 2018

Josh Rouse @ The Dakota Jazz Club 5/19/18

So the wife and I and a friend saw Josh Rouse on Saturday Night.

I have said what I have about The Dakota in the recent past (and further back, which I considered it the best live music venue at 1 time, in Bandana Square in St.Paul).

But I do like their policy with 2 shows, when the 2nd isn't sold out, people from the 1st can see the 2nd for free (more drinks?).

Below is the set list for the 1st show at 7PM:

Love In The Modern Age
It's the Nightime
Salton Sea
It Looks Like Love
Ordinary People, Ordinary Lives
Comeback (Light Therapy)
Flight Attendant
Women The Wind
Dressed Up Like Nebraska
Simple Pleasure
My Love Has Gone
Winter in the Hamptons
I Will Live On Islands
Sad Eyes
(starts solo and then band rejoins)

Love Vibration

The 2nd set was not identical and included Michigan (with some help from our table and some others shouting it out), and few other different songs. But overall was  pretty similar.

The thing about this show, compared to the 2 other times I saw Josh Rouse, was HIS BAND was basically on fire! Throughout most of the 1st set, and much of the 2nd set as well. Even having the crowd stand up for the encore, which I've never seen any crowd stand up at The Dakota from memory, and dance.

His bassist was the same, James "Hags" Haggerty from at least the last show I and the wife saw him at The Fine Line. But his guitarist and drummer? I'm not sure.

Both of them and all 4 were really hitting on all cylinders and in great spirits. Songs like "Salton Sea" "Winter in the Hamptons" 'Dressed Up Like Nebraska" and an obvious staple and live favorite "Comeback (Light Therapy)" were among the many highlights.

My wife's friend has said that Josh Rouse's live music outshines his studio work, which after Saturday night, I can totally see. Although after the show I ended up revisiting some of the older tunes from Nashville and 1972 namely, and must say there's a reason I got into those records and bought them on vinyl. The layering and mood totally works on them.

I may try and revisiting and listening to more of his earlier records again, that my wife of course knows rather well. Some I have on CD, some I do not.

But I guess my thought is to not miss Josh Rouse live if possible, other than when he opens for Nick Lowe I suppose. This was the 8th time (or 9th and 10th shows?) seeing him, and I can see why, per when his band is on, they are really good live. A bit like the First National Band show we saw in January. Nesmith's band was on fire, thus he and the music was awesome. Josh Rouse was the same way on Saturday.

Also "Salton Sea" while greater live, has become 1 of my favorite Josh Rouse tunes and 1 of the best songs from 2018.