Monday, May 14, 2018

DREAMS: Daniel Johns + Luke Steele (of Empire of the Sun)

So this is a new band/project with Daniel Johns of Silverchair, The Dissociatives and most recently a solo career.

I am unsure exactly how I feel about their music from hearing these 1st 2 tracks, "No One Defeats Us" certainly is catchy and energetic while being a bit electronic. And "Silence" also uses a lot of atmosphere and electronics.

I only stumbled on this per looking for information about The Dissociatives.

I guess No One Defeats Us vocally is quite different for Daniel Johns, assuming he's singing. The vocals almost remind me of some of the college rock from the 2000's. Or Capital Cities in a way.

"Silence" we hear vocals from Daniel Johns that is more familiar sounding, but still different.

I suppose this is a wait-and-see, and it is nice that he is making music regardless. The Dissociatives EP that was mentioned 3 or 4 years back from Paul Mac may never happen. And Daniel's solo record unfortunately didn't do a ton for me sadly with his Pop/Soul/R and B direction.

Empire of the Sun I know the name and the movie, but can't claim to have heard a lot of their music. If I enjoy this, I may have to look into it.

There's an interview they did when they played at Coachella, which I will check out likely tomorrow. I guess they mention something about a debut album.

***Disclaimer is included per the visuals and seizures.**** Blurry images, etc. I only watched a few seconds, and just listened.