Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Esperanza Spalding - Exposure (Making of 77-Hour Stream 9/12/17)

9/12/17 11:46AM
unfortunately i can't check out all that much of it right now per I'm at work, but will try to off and on in the next few days.

Facebook Live Stream Link

9/3/17 2:11PM

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I may have to check some of this out next week if time allows.

I have become a fan of hers over the last year or a bit less. She's progressive certainly, including jazz, funk, soul, pop among her styles.

I like many 1st saw her name pop-up a few years back when she won the grammy for best new artist, over people like Justin Bieber I recall.

She also guested previously on Janelle Monae's 2nd record, Electric Lady.

2016's Emily's D+Evolution saw her appeal more than ever to many, including me, because it was more diverse and featured more vocals.

It was frankly, her doing Prog.

At any case, I am looking forward to this, as many are. At a min. it's forward thinking and an adventurous way of making an album. Kind of Imogen Heap-like in a way.

And it'll be on Facebook as that pic says.