Sunday, September 3, 2017

Rest in Peace Walter Becker (Steely Dan)

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ny times


No other details were offered, but the guitarist, bassist and songwriter had been in poor health, and didn't participate in two Steely Dan concerts in July. Fagen told reporters in August that Becker had undergone a medical procedure that prevented him from touring.
Becker had performed with Steely Dan as recently as April.

Saw him with the DAN on November 8, 2009 at Northrop Auditorium perform the complete Aja record.

In going through many of the Yearly Albums Calendars in the 70's, I will fully admit to not knowing (but meaning to) many of their albums in full. I did own A Decade

So just reading about his background on Wiki, he was a member and/producer of the band China Crisis whose music sounds familiar, but at the same time, I'm not sure I've ever heard much if any of it before today. 80's "Sophistipop" aka Synth/New Wave pop/rock which a lot of it is good music, but does sound much of its time.

Also learning of him playing in a Jazz band with Chevy Chase in HS and writing/recording the soundtrack for the Richard Pryor film You've Got to Walk It Like You Talk It or You'll Lose That Beat from 1971 with Jay and the Americans.

Also a sort of 2nd degree personal note on definitely both Todd Rundgren and Donald Fagen (and I think Becker). A friend of mine used to talk about selling his music every winter and going to Hawaii. Delivering pizzas while living on the beach in a Tent. And Hanging Out with Rundgren, Fagen and I'd presume Walter Becker as well.

Granted I never saw pics or anything, so only can go by his word, lol.

I really like Steely Dan, although I have never considered myself a fanatic or hardcore fan. But like Billy Joel or some others, I think if I ever do find the time to spend with their catalog and know their albums much better than I do, I may see them and Becker in an even higher light. They were studio masters and pop-music craftsmen. And I think even beyond their many hits, they were perfectionists for all of their writing and recordings, Much like Kevin Gilbert. Which is why I may at some point get into them more, own all of their albums, etc.

It's just too bad it may come after now Walter Becker is gone.