Friday, September 1, 2017

Major Parkinson - Blackbox (2016-2017)

9/1/17 10:25PM

1st single, the title/final track (like Mew did with Visuals as the 1st single being the last track on the album).

FB with all the links

Preorder (all formats)

Karisma Records ALBUM Details Link

October 27th release date.

Major Parkinson - Blackbox

1. Lover, Lower Me Down! 4:48
2. Night Hitcher 5:47
3. Before the Helmets 1:46
4. Isabel – A Report to an Academy 9:42
5. Scenes from Edison’s Black Maria 1:47
6. Madeleine Crumbles 5:07
7. Baseball 10:21
8. Strawberry Suicide 2:58
9. Blackbox 5:49

7/31/17 11:28PM

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Major Parkinson Post on FB confirming signing with Karisma Records, for the distribution outside of Norway.

The title "Blackbox" has been mentioned a couple of times on Facebook, in a subtle fashion. I am assuming its use by the band makes sense. If it is not that and it turns out to be something different, than of course I'll go ahead and bump/edit this entry.

So we signed with these nice people called KARISMA RECORDS for the release of Blackbox outside of Norway. Finally you people should be able to get the record in stores out there in the big world. Happy days ahead!

And the release time frame per Karimsa Records is "Autumn"

I might add though, per the email list, the band mentioned either a September 22nd or 29th release date. Granted, that was long before signing with this label, so it may come a little later.

The Kickstarter for this album was successful and the backers like myself are from a few posts, to receive a download on September 1st, and then have the physical copies shipped. So my vinyl may arrive as early as the 2nd week of September.

Also a comment from the band on the campaign back in April mentions 9 tracks and a couple "lingering around 10 minutes" for what that's worth.

I love their epics usually, so that sounds all the more enticing.