Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bend Sinister - The Other Way [EP] (2016-2017)

I'm presuming this is a Full Length album. The announcements were a bit confusing with what the video showed and then the Cordova Bay Records post on Twitter about "Walk the Other Way" coming August 18th.

edit: The Other Way is an EP, and a full-length is coming later this year!

Bend Sinister's reply to me on twitter

The Other Way will be an EP of 6 songs, followed up with a full length later this year!

The Other Way release date per the video below is September 22nd.

"Walk the Other Way" the 1st single comes out on August 18th.

Single link (Presave) here

Songs on the full length?

Walk the Other Way
12 Years?
Get Along?
Rock N Roll?

Stoked of course.

"Get Along" is awesome regardless if it makes the album. I'm a fanboy and loved Animals (2014) and basically every record they've made.

More details and a link to the new single (YouTube) will give this entry a bump.

Very excited.

Also I am awfully curious to see if they end up on a tour with a band I enjoy (The Dear Hunter? TDH with Coheed, the 2 bands together would be such a good pairing, but of course the stars may usually have to align for these things to happen.).

edit: well given it's an EP, I may be even more pumped for the full-length that will follow soon after.