Saturday, June 25, 2016

Random Artist Feature: Ours

This video, as a 2nd attempt, came out good in length (11 mins, relatively). It was a 2nd draft per say, largely because on the 1st attempt I gave more details about the backstory, etc.

That is kind of the issue or 1 of some issues with making these, as there's a lot to tell, details, anecdotes, etc.

Anyway, it did get me thinking of wanting to do just album feature videos at some point, which some might be rehash, some may not. I dunno. I often get the sense with doing just an album, I don't have a lot of specifics to talk about with each song, beyond 1 or 2 words, but that may all that is needed, even if it's an amazing, favorite song, etc.

But I do plan to continue to just make these for awhile now, and once I've sort of gotten through a lot of my favorites, I may then restart doing videos and try and do album reviews specifically. But not likely in series per say. I dunno, I guess I'll see.