Monday, June 27, 2016

Name Change? Retirement?

Well, it probably was inevitable. Actually, I'm sort of surprised to not having noticed this happening a long time ago.

But, I suppose given this site is pretty new, it may be worth keeping tabs on it for a little while (activity namely), depending on how active it becomes, I may consider making some changes.

I guess I didn't feel like making any announcement of some sort for awhile, but this may force my hand. My feeling has been for a decent amount of time, to stay with this blog as it is more or less until 1 or 2 milestones are reached at least (not incredibly far away from one, and another is just around the corner actually).

Once those milestones are reached, at that point I would try to re-assess some things with this blog. Namely, 1) to continue doing it or at least at the rate I currently contribute to it 2) make some changes such as a NAME CHANGE.

Just to go back in time, the fact is, this blog found its name from its founder, which in fact was not me. I.e. had I started a new blog of my own around that time, I very likely would not have chose this blog's name. I doubt I would have thought of it, anyway. The question is I suppose, WHY did I never change it? And for that matter, the David Hassehoff Avatar, etc.

The reason being, I guess because I didn't want to come up with another name, even when the original founder, a guy named Rob, had more or less ceased to using this blog. I had changed the password, etc. But I really wasn't up for coming up with a different name at that point.

And then it was really past the point of no return.

I also came to accept and actually like the name, even as ambiguous as it is. It avoided being pigeonholed to a point. I suppose for better or for worse in some ways, I could have changed it to associate with the word progressive or progrock obviously, or even just music, when I decided to almost eliminate everything except music from it (and setup the )

As for The Hoff pic, again, it was odd, and sort of out of the blue. It didn't associate with a specific kind of music, etc. I guess it was funny and yet distinct. And I also don't see it often if ever on other sites, like this blog's name.

But with this site popping up now with such a similar name, I guess I will have to think about re-naming this blog's url at some point depending on how active that site becomes. Either that, or like I mentioned, re-assessing on what I will do. My blogging days may be taking a hiatus (perhaps indefinite), at the point of those milestones. I dunno, I may try and focus even more on YouTube, or try a Podcast again, maybe with ThatDrummerGuy and my friend John. I dunno. Or I may do nothing but use social medias and the forums, rateyourmusic, etc.

I may start a new blog focused on non-music even?

I guess the only other thing that comes to mind is, why exactly did the owners of this new site/blog not pick a different name? I mean I'm sure they found this blog before they chose it, and have found it since. I guess if it were me, I would have, and also wanted to choose something different. At least in this blog's case, it is active (unlike many urls that have last been updated many years ago).