Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tiny Giant - Heavy Love [New song from Chloe Alper of PRR's new band]

This is pretty nice. Not exactly the crazy layering of PRR, but so be it. The 2nd half does have a nice climax.

Ever since Pure Reason Revolution split back in 2011, I've been rather curious to see what the members would do. Chloe Alper specifically, has been dabbling in some different things. A solo career under more than 1 name (her name, Chloe and Flood?), and then Tiny Giant was talked about maybe a year and a half ago, I forget. And I notice even in my tags, Mat Collis's name, whose the other half of Tiny Giant.

This song, may or may not be new, but newly recorded I imagine. I remember the mention of an EP last December, which never came.. But this new recorded single "Heavy Love" is quite good, so much, I really hope they have more coming soon. Maybe not this year, but hopefully in 2016 then.