Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mew 10/5/15 at The Triple Rock Social Club

Well to follow-up yesterday's 9-years-to-the-day anniversary show of a sorts that's the entry below this, here's a review of last night's actual show.

The set list is from a number of shows recently on this tour of theirs. The only 1 that is throwing me off was "Making Friends" which in looking at another live video of it, I do think they did it, I'm just not having it stand out as much I suppose.

But as far as the rest of the set list, this was quite pleasing. Between getting "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy" from No More Stories, to "She Spider" which has always been a favorite of mine, and feel it's not mentioned enough as a standout from Frengers. To that medley being a huge goosebump part. "Clinging to a Bad Dream" has become one of my favorites on Plus Minus, and "Louise Louisa" I have fallen head over heals in love with, with it's sad/melancholic tone, as I wrote a bit about in the previous entry.

And then there was the epic "Rows" which is a phenomenal multi-part track in the studio, that at 1st I only partially recognized. But as it went along and we got to my favorite sections, I was pretty floored by it. The drum/percussion outro is so good, I wish they'd play it for 5 or 10 minutes longer than it goes for. I really hope it becomes like "Comforting Sounds" per a staple live track, as I think it translates even better live. Very trippy and dreamy and mesmerizing.

The rest of the show was also engaging, as they played to the crowd even. Jonas even had the crowd sing some of the choruses on songs like "The Zookeeper's Boy" and "Snow Brigade" which just added to how great this was.

While I hold a special place for that show+partial show I saw at The Fine Line back in 2006, this show definitely was an event to not forget. Very much an epic, energetic, and fulfilling concert, that I kind of have waited for and wanted to experience ever since becoming a Mew fan in 2006.

And to top it all off, I was incredibly overjoyed to get to hang out and chat with all the band members including Jonas Bjerre, after the show outside. I probably spent 30-45 minutes with them and the fans, which I'll admit, I did not expect at all. I wonder if this show, being that it ended at like 10:30PM, the band were into mixing with some of the crowd afterwards per the early start and end time? Or maybe more so, they are just more up for signing autographs and pics now.

And the response and crowd size seemed to really get a good reaction from them. I recall 1 of their guitarists (Johan?) said something on stage about "I know this is normally Prince's town, but I think tonight it's YOUR town" referring to the crowd, etc. In chatting with Jonas a little about Minnesota, he said he saw Prince back in Denmark recently, so obviously he and the band presumably are fans.

But shooting the shit with them was really *special* in a lot of ways, and as memorable a part of this show. I did get them to sign my vinyl, and had my camera, but the battery unfortunately was more or less dead, so no pics or video for me.

As far as their future and touring, I guess I would love to see them back again, and it very well could happen, sooner than in another 9 years, lol. Maybe even next year, depending on if they do more touring to support Plus Minus. But I guess after the long desired and epic nature of last night's show, I can feel a level of fulfillment about Mew, if by some chance this is it, or there is another long gap in the time they return to my hometown.

The Zookeeper's Boy
Introducing Palace Players
Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
Water Slides
Snow Brigade
She Spider
(Clinging to a Bad Dream/The Zookeeper's Boy/Louise Louisa)
Making Friends
Am I Wry? No

My Complications
Comforting Sounds