Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Nominations: Plus Comment: v. 2016

10/8/15 2:42PM

Here's a clip of 1 of the people involved with the Hall talking about the nominees and the voting process. He says "pioneered" the fan vote 2 years ago. 60 million fan-votes were made last year, and they want to top that this year.

The guy interviewing him failed to ask or point out how those 60 million votes made online from fans only factor in as 1 BALLOT, out of the 800+ ballots that are comprised of a lot of past inductees as he explains.

That's .00125% or 1/800th of the vote approximately.

60,000,000 submissions vs the other 799+ people who are inductees whose 1-ballot vote gets the same amount of say as the 60 million submissions, get the same .00125%.

60 million fans = 1
1 inductee = 1

Really fair and accurate, lol.

I suppose 1 argument against a larger percentage being given to the fans vote is, I'm sure thousands if not 10's of thousands of those "Fan-votes" factored into that 1 ballot result are done by the same fans multiple times, if not 100's (how much time do many of them have? some may get up every day and put in a vote at the same time for the 2 months the Voting remains open until December 9th).

Maybe if the Fans Ballot factored into a larger percentage, in order to prevent a fair amount of FLOODING, by the same fan/fanbase, perhaps a smaller voting period of time could be limited to say 1 or 2 weeks instead of 2-months. And they'd require the fans to sign up to an email list, and that email could only be used to vote once. However, I'm sure there would still be flooding and people voting plenty more times. But it would at least likely reduce the flooding.

But, that still doesn't address the lack of the percentage the FAN VOTE is given. I saw something earlier about Deep Purple received the 2nd most votes in the FAN VOTE in 2013, yet obviously 4 others got in ahead of them, despite the tens of millions of FANS who felt they were the 2nd most deserving act on the ballot.

The other thing that should be addressed is the NOMINATION PROCESS.

that link shows the list of people who have been on the committee, and for 2015, it shows 41 names. That's good to know, but like the VOTING PROCESS, the NOMINATING PROCESS is still highly arbitrary and not fully representative of everyone's taste. Beyond the voting, the FANS should have some involvement in whose actually nominated each year.

Either that, or some involvement on whose on that Committee. It almost could be done like a political election.  Take 40 or 50, or fuck that, let's say 100 People to this committee, and have at least half or more of them turned over every year. Have some kind of Term Limit on how long someone can be on the committee. And once their term is over, they can't return to run for the committee for at least a couple of years.

10/8/15 6:35AM

Yes, Deep Purple and Chicago among the 15 nominees for the 2016 Rock Hall Class.

5 of which I recall, get in.

My prediction: Deep Purple will finally get in. Unfortunately Yes and Chicago may not with the likes of NWA and their biopic, Janet Jackson and Nine Inch Nails on the ballot. But I'd love to be wrong.

Steve Miller Band may get in, The Cars and Cheap Trick. I dunno if both Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson will both get in, even though I would not argue, they both belong in. And of course Chic again gets nominated, 1 of these years they may finally get in. It would be nice, just so their annual nomination slot can go to someone else.

The Smiths may get in, for the College Rock hipsters vote.

But I also want to share a comment I tried to make a little over a week ago on a blog which has some people that almost do Rock Hall annual predictions like Fantasy Football or Oscar Pools.

I tried to post this comment, but it has yet to actual be published and allowed there (not sure if the blog owner never saw it, or just doesn't feel it should be allowed to be public at this point).

But as I have said a handful of times from memory in here and on social media and message boards in recent years. The Rock Hall and its voting + inducting process, while it seems to be changing a little bit with some prog and metal finally showing up, really could use a more dramatic change in the process of who decides and HOW MANY artists get in every year.


have you and the others ever done some research into how/when and what it could take to dramatically change the process? I've come to conclude, the Rock Hall process could really do for a format change.

instead of 10-15 nominees every year, double that and have 20-30. And induct at least 10-15 every year.

And a percentage of that is designated as a "veterans committee" thing like The Baseball HOF does.  Have 5 nominations every year that have to have been eligible for at least say 20 years, and at least 2 get in every year.

The Fans vote is worth a lot more than the 1 out of 800 or whatever it is now. Have the voting process both for the Nominations and the Inductees be decided 

-1/3 Fans 
-1/3 Recording Artists/Music Industry People 
-1/3 Music Media

Like the Baseball HOF, the MLB Allstar Game (Starting Lineup) Ballot is setup this way, and at least on the surface it does seem to be a more accurate representation, than it was long before when it was just decided only by the Media.

While all of this may seem dramatically different, and it may also come across as "letting everyone in" and lowering some kind of standards for whose in and whose not in; the fact is, with so many newly eligible artists each year along with so many artists passed over so many years/decades and then dying, not then possibly able to be present for a recognition of their life's work. A larger roster being included at least could help those causes, along with possibly even the joke-perception the Rock Hall gets (and Jan Wenner and Friends exclusive club mentality).

I suppose it's baby steps, with a few years ago adding the 1 online Fan vote, a bit like the long desired NCAA Football Division I playoff system, but I hope the changes can continue to be changed and modified.