Monday, October 5, 2015

MEW in Minnesota: 9 Years ago Tonight 10/05/2006

I thought I would just pass this along; what I posted on Facebook, realizing it is exactly 9 years to the day, that I 1st saw Mew. That is rather EERIE.

Then the headline gig they did on October 26th, 2006, I only caught the last couple of songs and the encore per it was also the same night Kaddisfly played at the old The Toybox venue in Minneapolis off Hiawatha. I saw K-Fly, and then scooted down to The Fine Line and caught the end of their show.

Anjd of course they have not returned to Minnesota since, until tonight, October 5th, 2006.

9 years ago tonight, I first saw Mew live. In Minneapolis supporting Kasabianat Fine Line Music Cafe. They returned to headline at The Fine Line 3-weeks later on October 26th, 2006. And they have not returned to Minnesota since, until tonight at Triple Rock Social Club, Which is exactly 9 years to the day of that 1st show I saw them.

Here's a clip from that 10/5/06 show.

I will likely/per time, write a review of tonight show. The Dodos open.

I already checked out a likely set list, and I can't say I will be disappointed, etc.

I also think though, Mew, and the album And the Glass Handed Kites just evokes this incredibly strong and sad sense of emotion and nostalgia for me for some reason. The last song "Louise Louisa" especially in the last 9 months, although I get this image of meeting my fiancee at KFAI in 2011 with it, before and right around that time.

But I also can't forget seeing The Science of Sleep, 1 of the 1st things I ever wrote about in this blog, with Mew, and an Anathallo show. But that film, and going down to Lagoon Theater 1 late afternoon around that time.

That along with sad nostalgia I get from the early and especially mid 2000's, Mew's music triggers.

I should probably elaborate at some point about this whole topic/idea..periods of time in my life, nostalgia, music, and feeling really sad and almost depressed about it..the longing to want to go back in time, to that time, etc. All the bands from that period of time I discovered and many of them are gone/retired/broken up or barely active now.

Hopefully more on that later..but for now, I do have a wonderful concert to look forward to.