Wednesday, December 31, 2014 Top 10 Progressive Rock Bands (+ Honorable Mentions)

Fuck, I need more time to go through this, and that may not seem to be available now as it's New Year's Eve of course and the gf is coming over in maybe an hour or less and I really ought to prep a bit more.

So, the ole EDIT hopefully can happen in here.

But I suppose I can take my comment on YT

I'm not sure where to start, but as time is not on my side at the moment, I will just say, I like that this list was made, and save for Tool and Coheed, it at least includes the essentials. I would have expected The Mars Volta in here, and liked, but not expected my favorite band MARILLION at least as an honorable mention. But I can't see how I won't be having to dissect this a bit more in my blog in the next day or 2. I guess if it may warrant it eventually, 3 or 4 potential lists could be made relating to this list. 1) TOP 10 PROGRESSIVE ROCK BANDS PER DECADE 2) TOP 10 PROGRESSIVE METAL BANDS and/or TOP 10 PROGRESSIVE METAL BANDS PER DECADE 3) TOP 10 MODERN PROGRESSIVE ROCK BANDS. But I suppose any of those will only happen if they get submitted to site/polls or the suggest tool.

It is WMJ and they not only pick but use clips that are POPULAR sadly, because some of the clips from Genesis and Crimson are, frankly, not "progressive rock" really. Even the Rush stuff..and Floyd I wish they'd used something from Animals, but not surprising, they did not.

Whose missing? Marillion and TMV of course as I commented.

I guess just in terms of a somewhat realistic list they could have used, and picking my order, I would go:

10. Kansas
9. ELP
8. The Mars Volta
7. Pink Floyd
6. Dream Theater
5. Jethro Tull
4. Rush
3. King Crimson
2. Genesis
1. Yes

I'm saying as far as MY FAVORITES, not exactly even in ranking, but just in terms of progressive rock bands, and which bands represent or represented the style the most and the best overall. You have to have Yes and Genesis #1 and #2. Floyd I love, but they really were only partially progressive rock, and partially more psychedelic rock of a kind. Animals is maybe the only record they ever really used a lot of technical chops. I mean in a general sense, that's maybe the only album they actually have the traditional "progressive rock" sound..and frankly, probably why it remains mine and many other favorites.

Anyway, maybe more later, maybe not. I would definitely go for them making more progressive rock-related lists. Although the decade series, 1980's might be a bit thin sadly.