Saturday, December 6, 2014

Season Ending Albums Countdown Coming..

12/6/14 11:48AM
update: Chanca Piedra + Lemon in Hot Water = passed a much larger stone than before. That could be it, or at least escalate the stones I have left still. I.e. the surgery may be avoided!

Also I worked on this yesterday and I'd guess I'm around half way done to be satisfied. Perhaps the published work will be coming in a week or less.

12/4/14 3:57PM
It's been nearly 1 month since this post, and obviously this thing has not been posted.

The Bad News: I have not been able to find the time/energy/physical ability to do more of it. Although ironically, this afternoon I very well may get that chance given the gf is out for a number hours and I'm hanging at her place just with her mother and little puppy. Plus I could be wrong, but I think The Big Bang Theory may be a Rerun tonight.

The Good News: I have taken-in some of the unfamiliar records now and know more about them, where they belong on the countdown, etc. For what it's worth.

The Most Troubling News/Concern: My health.

In the last month, I had kidney stones found in my ureter and at least 1 or 2 also in my right kidney itself. The ones in my ureter the surgery scheduled was canceled due to my symptoms and an updated CT Scan showing not much of what was before. About 3 or 4 days after the worst of it, they seemed to not show up. And fragments from at least 1 of them came out at least 4 times. Very small, like 2mm or less, and originally 1 of them was I guess 8mm's.

Also my back issue, which has been more or less ongoing since September (after like 1 year of more or less no severe issues), I began doing the daily therapy exercises like 10 days before the kidney issues began. Then it seemed for the time the symptoms kidney stones showed up and then went away, the consistent lower back inflammation seemed to not bother me, for at least a week, maybe more. But I held off doing the exercises for probably close to 3 weeks. And the inflammation showed, up, especially on Sunday/Monday and more or less ever since.

Then today 12/4, it seems like some of the kidney stones symptoms may have returned. Although the key ones of burning/stinging not so much. It's a little hard to tell with lower back/abdominable inflammation that can cause burning in the intestinal areas, if the stones are involved, but the feeling of needing to urinate even after going is happening which is a red flag.

So I just a bit ago, started trying the Chanca Piedra, with no assumptions, but maybe more optimism than I should have. I don't know yet the impact, but I can only question its impact may take many days, if not weeks. In the mean time, I do have to worry about not only my back, but a 1CM stone still at least. But if surgery is the only option, I may have to deal with both the financial and physical setbacks it may bring.

11/8/14 11:53AM
Well for 2 main reasons, this has not gotten off the ground yet.

#1 girlfriend and my decision/time with her. In short, when I'm at her place, I am not all that able to do much if any blogging unless I discipline myself. And, well, I'm at her place at least 75% of my time away from work, so, that tells you how much time I have.

#2 unfortunately, I've run into a medical issue within the last week involving Kidney stones. Both physically and psychologically, it's been a bit of a job for me to handle. But, I saw my GP yesterday finally and am feeling a little better about it, plus I am doing better physically for now.

However, I am having a surgical procedure on the 18th, and quite likely down the road as well, so I guess some may follow why my head is not as focused on music and entertainment right now. That and possibly another big change in diet. I will confess, with my back problems among other things, I've taken my fair share of Advil, perhaps too much in dosage, which may have contributed to my present condition with my kidneys. I'm likely done with Advil anyway, which I can deal with.

The possible Silver lining with this is it may be that my lower back problems may be related if primarily responsible with the condition of my kidney. I'm not assuming anything, but I suppose hoping that and/or an herbal supplement called Chanca Piedra may solve my longer term concerns with kidney stones. But again, that's only *hoping* not *assuming*.

Bottom Line though is, this will come when it comes (like "I'll get there when I get there," etc lol), so sadly my big, grand plan to do this early may have been thrown for a loop this season.  Although who knows, with my recovery week from surgery (18th-23rd), if I feel okay to just sit and type (with some Tylenol I imagine), that week of the 18th, I'm taking off for the surgery may allow me to finish this (and I'll only be on the phone with the gf rather than be at her place where I don't do a ton of blogging).

10/28/14 12:54PM
Possibly very soon. It's a matter of a few things, the biggest being TIME of course.

But I already started blueprinting the list and such. So beyond that, it's about writing of course. And the more I think about it, my hope in regards to TIME is to really strip it down. Possibly Twitter Post length blurbs (if any blurb at all), and some tracks and maybe a link or video.

Because sadly, like 2013, it's been another year or now *season* of my lacking the ability to listen to many new albums extensively. That and of course the new Halloween deadline and many records not being released before that. Plus the factor of not finding as many of those addictive records, of the records I have spent enough time with to know.

But, afa a time table, don't be surprised if something if not the whole thing is up over next weekend.

And the other thing that I suppose in a way may compensate for lack of time, is I do mean to make a video, even if I have to invest a fair amount of time in editing it. That very likely will show up sometime in November though, which for most End of Year Lists, is still rather early, but for this Blog, is past the end of the season. But hence one of a handful of reasons for the change in schedule.

And I might add, 2014-2015, if so many records do come out, could make this past season look pale. But then again, only TIME will help that observation.