Thursday, December 25, 2014

2013-2014 Albums Countdown Videos

12/25/14 11:26AM

  12/23/14 12:43PM

The rest of these videos hopefully will come soon, but I might just point how I am waiting for my copy of a certain record to arrive per Snail Mail in order to display on camera. It should be any day now, but if it takes until around the beginning of the year, so be it.

12/17/14 1:32PM
21-14. I get cutoff unfortunately as I had no idea my camera's battery had died (nor was the limited amount of time left on it when I began recording).

Hopefully the next 1-2 videos will be a little better, but as I seem to always say with these, they are a work-in-progress. Editing is my biggest challenge still, even to insert images. Although part of why there aren't any in here was due to my camera's lack of ability to come on last night. I think finally finding a charger that plugs the camera (battery) into the wall, may work better than my laptop. But I'm not assuming anything at this point.

I will bump this entry if/when the rest are on YewTewb.