Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fjokra - Mellowsound Sessions #2: "Koi"

Wow. I can't believe how good this guy is. I mean, he is and I've more or less been floored by his music over the last 9 months, but here's another new song, which just adds to how amazing and in this case, breathtaking his music can be. And the video itself fits the lyrics/tone/theme of the song in many ways.

Honestly, last year when I saw the Kevin Gilbert 'Shaming tribute, it was almost the identical amount of time I had been a fan (actually knowing his music) and waiting to see it live from 2004-2013 (9+ years) as I had gone waiting to see my favorite band live, Marillion (1995-2004).

And I thought based on that pattern, I'll discover soon and then (I hope not have to) wait 9+ years to see them. It very likely could be premature, but this guy Fjokra, could be the artist I become incredibly attached to for this present decade. He just seems to know how to capture an emotion in so many ways with his tone, lyrics, vocal styles, textures, and about 100 other aspects.

And this "Mellowsound Sessions" series, I dunno if it's material for his debut LP, or another EP or just some singles or some other concept, but shit, this guy can basically do no wrong for me. And damn, I would love him to release more music as soon as possible, even beyond these videos (mind you, I still love that he is releasing it per these videos regardless).