Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dave Kerzner - New World (2014-2015)

I did not contribute to the Kickstarter, but will likely pick this up when it's released. "My Old Friend" may be worth it alone for.


New World Album Cover
Stranded pt. 1-5
  Part 1. Isolation

  Part 2. Delirium

  Part 3. March Of The Machines (Featuring Steve Hackett)

  Part 4. Source Sublime

  Part 5. The Darkness

Into The Sun (Featuring Heather Findlay)

The Lie

Under Control

Crossing Of Fates (Featuring Keith Emerson and Simon Phillips)

My Old Friend  (Featuring a “Thud reunion” and dedicated in memory of Kevin Gilbert)

Ocean Of Stars



New World

Redemption: Stranded pt. 6-10
  Part 6. The Oasis

  Part 7. Resilience (Featuring Francis Dunnery)

  Part 8. High On The Dunes

  Part 9. Mirage Of The Machines (Featuring Steve Hackett)

  Part 10. To The Light