Friday, December 19, 2014

Possible List Posts Coming (per enough time)

Now having finished the end of Season Countdown Entry, and I'm in the process hopefully of doing the videos (my battery problem, may have been solved to a point).

It got me thinking about other projects with the affordable time/health. And on a couple of the forums, people have suggested a few things

1) another Top Decade Prog Metal list entry. I was thinking, and I'd do the 90's and 80's except the 80's really didn't have tons of Prog Metal save for a few bands here and there. So, maybe it would make more sense to do a 80's/90's list.

2) With 2014 as a calendar year now being over, and halfway through this current Christian Calendar decade, maybe doing either or both a 2000-2014 Favorite Records list, or a 2010-2014 list. I'm leaning towards the former.

3) The preview entry for 2014-2015 of course. Depending on things, I may do that 1st, or in "Parts" as I did last Season.

4) Maybe the favorite of all these lists to make, which of course plenty of crossover. But my schtick, or primary interest genre of sort I like to call "College Prog" or "Indie Prog" etc etc. This may be sort of my list of list for my favorite taste. So it might be from 2000-2014 or it might just be non-years based i.e. just in general.

oh, and with my interest in making videos, maybe even looking for a better camera, I actually really think trying to make VINYL VIDEOS would be fun. Even if it is just me mostly BEHIND THE CAMERA. Seeing my hand mostly, LOL. I'll see. I have far too much vinyl not to want to show, and frankly, and too many I have yet to spin. So I may name them like


I'm talking 500+ titles at this point.