Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers (2014)

7/16/14 10:00AM
New song/video "War on the East Coast."

6/10/14 12:41PM
per Their Facebook


Released on August 26th.

Opening/title track below. Honestly, it's not doing a ton for me, kind of like their last record Together from 2010. You'd think nearly 5 years or whatever, would supply some time to refine and perfect some better new tunes, and I am hoping just that, because other than Together, I find their catalog pretty consistently good. Twin Cinema and Challengers probably being my favorites.

I guess we'll see. Their tour isn't coming to Minneapolis, although the last show I saw them, was frankly, not the best concert that year as it was filled with some drunken frat boys who never seemed to shut up, near where I was sitting. In other words, their not coming here, I'm not incredibly down about.

But this record, I hold slight optimism for, and am glad to see them put out some new music after the members of course have focused on their solo career and "A" gigs, so-to-speak, the past few years.

1 Brill Bruisers
2 Champions of Red Wine
3 Fantasy Fools
4 War on the East Coast
5 Backstairs
6 Marching Orders
7 Another Drug Deal of the Heart
8 Born With a Sound
9 Wide Eyes
10 Dancehall Domine
11 Spidyr
12 Hi-Rise
13 You Tell Me Where