Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Mercury Tree: Excellent progressive rock band from Portland, OR

Steve Bergquist of local Minnesota bands The Royal Veil and Maeth told me about this Portland, OR based progressive rock band, who are looking to play live in Minnesota (and elsewhere on tour I'd presume) this Fall? I think he said. And with some similarly appealing bands who they could share a bill with. He said they were kind of like Porcupine Tree among some others.

I naturally suggested the likes of Between Two Skies and RisingSide..if not his own bands or Brice Plays Drums. The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra maybe as well. But that is still unclear.

So I naturally wanted to check their actual music and just hearing their latest release, a 2-track EP, I am already a fan. "Secrete a Matrix" got my attention right away. I love how it uses dynamics and time changes around the 2 minute mark. It's almost like Time of Orchids or Kiss Kiss or even Echolyn in a way. Harmonically using different textures and offbeats, and some chaotic slightly screamed vocals.

2014: Family Style [EP]

Family Style EP cover art

1. Glass Eye 03:11
2. Secrete a Matrix 06:41


2012: Freeze in Phantom Form

Freeze in Phantom Form cover art

1. Anamnesis 02:05
2. Frontera 05:47
3. Avenues 06:03
4. Sepulchre 04:42
5. Cipher 06:10
6. Proteus 05:20
7. Zeta 07:41
8. Interspatial 02:26
9. Inflexus 04:25
10. In Partem Scalpere 09:31
11. Rotating Cast 05:20

So this album was their previous record. I have only just sampled some of it this afternoon, just in the background unfortunately. But I do like what I hear. I either will have to edit-in more hear about this record when I have time, or I'll try and post something in a separate entry as trying to listen to it right now, and describe my take/opinion about it honestly and accurately probably isn't fair. But I wanted to at least post some info about this band and the fact they may find their way to town soon.