Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Return of Bubblemath: New track "The Sensual Con"

This new song "The Sensual Con" is pretty awesome.

It's been what seems like forever since their debut album Such Fine Particles of the Universe came out in 2002. And it's so odd to think bands like Brice Plays Drums and Lehto & Wright have been cruising along making albums in the years since among local Minnesota progressive rock. But I'll admit, from my generation and my radar, these guys were like the 1st actual "prog" band from Minnesota I found out about and got into.

And the progressive rock scene, really only like a year or two after that record came out, I often saw mention of them. What they might be up to, when the next album would be coming, etc. And there was belief and mention of it coming soon after Particles dropped in '02, especially given I had seen them play a lot of new songs live, so the material was there for sure.

But for budgetary constraints and obviously time, it just never happened. But at the same time, they never really broke up, just I suppose stopped playing live.

But maybe now, in 2014, they finally have found the time and money to finally record and release that music. This new song does sound like them, but certainly also sounds more polished from a production standpoint.

Honestly, I really haven't had many reservations about their next record, if/when it came out. Certainly I planned to check it out, and want to support them in any way I could. But this new song sounds maybe more intriguing than I would have expected. The instrumental passages are crazy good and even fun in a lot of ways. Very tight dynamics, and the layers of keys and drum tracks come at you left and right.

Fuck, I can't help now but be very intrigued by this record they may finally put out, whether it be in 2014, or if not, sometime in 2015.

Welcome back Bubblemath!

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