Saturday, July 12, 2014

Markéta Irglová - Muna (2014)

I am a fan of The Swell Season and the music from Once (and the film of course)mand probably enjoyed her debut record from 2011 Anar, more than I expected. It is a very dynamic, gentle, melodic (at least in subtle ways) record, that I probably enjoyed it nearly as much as the stuff she's done with Glen Hansard.

I honestly didn't know about this record until seeing her announce a concert at The Cedar Cultural Center the other day.

A new song "This Right Here" is below, which is odd noticing how it is the last track on this record, which is kind of unusual to share initially, but so be it, nice piece.

This record drops on September 22nd/23rd.

1 Point of Creation
2 Time Immemorial
3 The Leading Bird
4 Fortune Teller
5 Without a Map
6 Remember Who You Are
7 Mary
8 Phoenix
9 Seasons Change
10 Gabriel
11 This Right Here