Friday, May 31, 2013

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories(2013) vs Janelle + A&A

File:Random Access Memories.jpg

1 Give Life Back to Music    4:34
2 The Game of Love    5:21
3 Giorgio by Moroder    9:04
4 Within    3:48
5 Instant Crush    5:37
6 Lose Yourself to Dance    5:53
7 Touch    8:18
8 Get Lucky    6:07
9 Beyond    4:50
10 Motherboard    5:41
11 Fragments of Time    4:39
12 Doin’ It Right    4:11
13 Contact    6:21

Okay, I may or may not elaborate more about this record. But 1st, I guess I'll share what I posted yesterday on FB

I can say, I do enjoy a lot of Daft Punk 's new record Random Access Memories . Namely some of the drum work on "Giorgio by Moroder" and "Contact." And I wouldn't be surprised to see it finish somewhat high in my 2013 Albums Countdown. HOWEVER, (I'll elaborate more soon in the blog hopefully), I am skeptical it'll reach the levels of Janelle Monáe 's The ArchAndroid and especially Apes & Androids "Blood Moon."

I'll admit, I am slowly, but surely forming a somewhat accurate take on this album. And even just today, playing it again, I can say tracks like "Within" and "Instant Crush" I am being won over by.

Within actually is really sad and pretty. Melancholic in a lot of ways. The vocoder vocals on that one have grown on me, and I suppose overall on this album they are starting to.

I will not forget though, like the of Montreal/Kevin Barnes kankersore track on The Archandroid, the Panda Bear featured track "Doin' It Right" frankly, sucks, and that largely has to do with Panda Bear and Animal Collective being as abhorable as they are. 

But this is epic, and not without some cohesiveness and flow. Although the 2nd track "The Game of Love" while not bad, I don't think allows the start of the record to flow as well as it could.

"Touch" is a tune, I enjoy much of, but the melodramatic/cheese factor almost gets tiresome to a point. I could edit that song down and make it much more re-listenable/enjoyable.

"Fragments in Time" is nice, especially the fun synthy instrumental bridge/outro

And I will not deny "Get Lucky" is one of the best songs of 2013, including much of the vocoder stuff that comes later in the tune.

The repetitiveness of that song/song's vocal chorus and some other pieces, I guess I am growing to accept given the music on many of these tunes is worth hearing repeated times. Tapping your foot or hand to, or at least imagine just dancing to like "Lose Yourself to Dance."

Maybe more to add later, but I would say this record very easily will finish in my top 10 for 2013, even AS HIPSTER as it is. I do want to hear the Tron Legacy soundtrack now even more. 

more about how it compares to A&A's and Janelle soon.

edit 1:

"Instant Crush" may not have received the comparisons elsewhere, but I can't help but hear the Tom Petty track "Won't Back Down" and as my girlfriend and friend John pointed out, very closely resembles the Alan Parsons Project hit "Eye in the Sky."

Also the vocoder use, while I guess is nothing new for Daft Punk, can't be ignored how the use recalls groups like The Apples in Stereo, Gotye and maybe more obvious, ELO.