Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Majestyy - (Brian Jacobs, ex-Apes and Androids)

5/22/13 10:58PM

Majestyy's latest Tumblr has a Soundcloud Stream (not an embed or dl) of the new track BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF EVERLASTING LOVE

another great tune, although a little slower. Even some vocoder it sounds like. The only thing I wonder about with their style is how much if any GUITAR will be incoporated (which is one part of Brian/A&A's music I always love).

11/30/12 12:57AM

Oh. My. Gawd. Here's 1 story from

Well, honestly, the Majestyy project/account/pseudo name etc, that Brian Jacobs has had online for a few years, seeing some music from, shouldn't be unbelievably shocking. He's been doing remixes of pop songs, and posting cool videos and political opinions I've noticed over the last couple of years. In other words, he's been using social media, and doing things with technology, and being a musician, odds are he'd want to put down some ideas in his head post-Apes and Androids.

Plus with Morgan Z putting out the Chrome Canyon releases this past year (a Full-Length, and an EP), that may have inspired Brian to want to make some music again.

But, as he refers to these as "jams" I'm not sure what they will end up as. I do know, I am pretty ecstatic to hear them. "The Notion" sort of echoes some Blood Moon stuff, but my impression is, I'm not sure if A&A's would have written something as upbeat and directly pop. But there's still some of their style there certainly.

I guess maybe the coming weeks/months may hold some plans for Brian and Majestyy. Perhaps a big year coming in 2013 for him. Of course, the thing that still springs to my mind, is where is the other half of my dynamic duo of A&A's in David Tobias? I've been asking myself that question for a few years, which kind of leads me to only guess he's gone on and got a real/dayjob and the music stuff may be on hold, if not done. But incommunicado can mean a lot of things that don't surface for awhile.