Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cynthesis - ReEvolution (2013)

5/11/13 10:45PM

new 9 minute track "Persistence of Visions" streaming.

4/11/13 10:49PM
I don't recall my exact words from 2011 about the 1st album from this group which is sort of like a more Atmospheric/Pink Floyd-ish approach to progressive metal. It had some technical parts, but the emphasis was not as much on chops as Zero Hour often is. But the obvious big thing for me and many, was the reunion of the Tipton brothers with singer Erik Rosvold, from The Towers of Avarice period namely.

Unfortunately, I may or may not have emphasized it enough with DeEvolution, how while the songs/music and compositions I really liked most of, the high-pitched almost finger-nails-on-a-chalkboard sounding/feeling I got from the intermittent evidence of COMPRESSION OF THE SPLASH AND CRASH CYMBALS, more or less killed my ability to go back to it.

Now that was probably close to 2 years ago when I last listened to that record, and perhaps another revisiting could change my mind now.

But I will admit, had that not been a problem, DeEvolution might have become a rather addictive record, and finished pretty high on the 2011 Albums Countdown. In other words, if that issue is not present here, I could end up loving this record like I should/could have that and Towers even. Since, I totally think Erik's voice with the Tipton's really works and is a very unique blend. And the songwriting and approach they did here worked well, and even stood out in some ways from the music from Towers.

The release date for ReEvolution is June 4th, 2013.

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1. Divine Night
2. Convergence
3. The Grand Façade
4. A Most Trivial Pursuit
5. Persistence Of Visions
6. The Noble Lie
7. Release The Deity Preorder Link

Sensory Records this week confirms the full details for the pending second album from Pleasanton, California-based progressive metal outfit CYNTHESIS, as the final parts to this new opus have fallen into place. 
CYNTHESIS reunites three of the original members of top-tier extreme progressive band Zero Hour — brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (guitars and bass, respectively, both also of Abnormal Thought Patterns) and vocalist Erik Rosvold, along with Enchant drummer Sean Flanagan. While maintaining much of the tech/metal influence of Zero Hour, with CYNTHESIS the members’ ambitious technical prowess blends seamlessly and organically into the grand atmospheres and melodic passages enveloping their approach, demonstrates the more melodic side of Jasun Tipton’s songwriting. 
Formed in 2010, CYNTHESIS released their massive debut album DeEvolutionthrough Sensory in April of 2011, causing celebration within the prog community with these members aligning, and in some cases realigning, their talents. Following another massive undertaking and countless hours of constructing and executing this new album, now two years later, the middle part of the dystopian trilogy is about to see the light of day as ReEvolution. A shaman, the central character of the series, is sent out to gather more slaves. He comes across a tribe and senses a light within them that triggers a distant memory of his past, making him realize that this is the original tribe he was taken from. He brings them back to the city and encounters what was done to the population and sets them free. 
Mixed and co-produced by Forrester Savell and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, with nearly forty-five minutes of some of the most creative and imaginative progressive metal likely to be released this year, ReEvolution will see release via Sensory on June 4th; preorders for the album can be placed here, and view the spectacular cover artwork by Mario Sánchez Nevado below: