Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lost: A prognostication

I wrote this last week. It's worth throwing out there.

Apr. 29

this may be totally and completely off on how the writers will end and explain everything with it. But it just hit me today they could do this.

Every passenger on board the Oceanic plane and every person they meet or come into contact with extensively on and off the Island, before any of those events happened, were in fact people who agreed to be part of a scientific experiment with therapy, memory, etc. Each one of them were hypnotized to have no recollection of agreeing to do this.

It's all (the entire show) a virtual (or subconscious) simulation that they signed waivers for, before they even took on a new name and life in this simulation.

Nobody died or anything.

It's an easy, cop-out way to explain the show, but it would work. The guy who portrays Jacob is the designer of the simulation.

That would be similar to The Matrix, but so be it.