Thursday, May 27, 2010

School of Seven Bells - Disconnect From Desire (2010)

Hear "Babelonia"

01 Windstorm
02 Heart Is Strange
03 Dust Devil
04 I L U
05 Babelonia
06 Joviann
07 Cammarilla
08 Dial
09 Bye Bye Bye
10 The Wait

I thought I posted something about this album already. O well. Here's the info. It drops on July 13th. There's that song above you can stream. I was just thinking about that song and my issue with their studio work may still exist. It's not like their music is bad or un-interesting. It's cool. But that show I was floored by them largely because of the visual displays.

So maybe they need to include some kind of graphic enhanced file with their albums and I'll like them more? Regardless, I am looking forward to this. Maybe I just need to find something to look at with their music on. The problem with that is, I listen to music at work, which is where it's impossible to look at anything else by my work.