Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dredg Live @ The Troubadour 5/14 - 5/15 (Leitmotif shows)

audio here. Thanks Darshun!

Stationary Transient + The Ornament

The Canyon Behind Her
Bug Eyes
Stationary Transient
The Ornament

Ode to the Sun
Same ol' Road
Down to the Cellar
-5 Minute Break-
Symbol Song
Movement I
Movement II
Traversing Through the Arctic Cold...
Movement III
Penguins in the Desert
Movement IV
Movement V

I saw the Leitmotif show a few years ago and it was a special show, so this didn't hold quite as much meaning to me as it may had I not. I also understand they have pre-orders for the vinyl at those shows, so possibly 1 other benefit.

Here's some videos