Friday, May 14, 2010

East of the Wall - Ressentiment (2010)

5/14/10 2:15AM

album page on translation loss records (a "Purchase Release" link is there).

July 20th "Ressentiment" is released.

Track Listing:
1. The Ladder
2. Salieri
3. Fool's Errand
4. A Wisp Of Tow
5. Ocean Of Water
6. It's Always Worth While Speaking To A Clever Man
7. Fleshmaker
8. Maybe I'm Malaised
9. A Long Defeat
10. Gordian Corridor
11. Handshake In Your Mouth
12. Don't Stop Bereaving
13. Beasteater

2008's "Farmer's Almanac" was pretty good. I guess I like this band more for their progressive post-metal of sorts, style. Long Distance Calling I like more, and Shelter Red perhaps as much. But being a fan of those bands and of course Russian Circles (namely Enter), I am looking forward to this. I just remember never being able to track a hard copy of Farmer's Almanac and always hoping to at Cheapo. I should check amazon used and some other spots.

East of the Wall (who are now mostly members of The Postman Syndrome, although I never got too into that band.
East of the Wall

edit: on their myspace page, they also have something called "Get In Touch" tour dates listed for the Summer (along with a bunch of other dates) and July 24th they are projecting apparently to try and play in Minneapolis, Madison, WI or Wausau (or some other spot I'd presume).

I'd definitely go see them if they came here; I just don't know what the chances of getting them booked in town. The Triplerock, Entry, 400 Bar, or maybe The Varsity would be likely spots. It's with some band called "Name."