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The River Empires - The River Empires (2010)

4/16/10 4:17AM

this album is really fucking good. Some kind of detailed review is close to coming, but for now, I can say even at 88minutes, it's a top 5 album right now for 2010. Production and careful composition.

Casey Crescenzo's fingerprints are all over this, even without his presence as a lead singer or not even a ton of harmonies.

However, frustration and expectation for this to be a buzz album/band that it should be, I just know the effort isn't worth going through. In other words, i'll love it, praise it, but the logical demographics won't give a shit or even ever hear it. Their fucking loss of course.

The same goes for The Gloomcatcher.

3/25/10 12:14AM

Whoa, 29 tracks! lol.

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1 The River Empires Theme I
2 Overture In Thales Summer
3 Our Neighbor, The Earth
4 The Coventry
5 Galloping Through Day Blooms
6 The Harbourland
7 From Faye To Astral
8 A Toast To The Snake King
9 The First Message
10 Catacombs And Orchards
11 Three Tigers
12 Stag Hollow Fair
13 Lull Of Celeste
14 From Outside The Cellar
15 Vcias In The Pines
16 A Dimmer Lux
17 Lillius
18 Witches Blossom
19 The Curse Of Maybel Cains
20 Wildbriar
21 The Motorbike
22 The Pelican
23 The Backyard In Sparkles
24 Land Of Canoes
25 Theon, The Fox
26 An Elliptic Figure From Borelli
27 The Marching Of The Clocks
28 The Woods Of Northland
29 The River Empires Theme II

now seeing that, I'm wondering if this could be a feast or famine deal. Casey was involved with that melodramatic rock opera "Razia's Shadow" from Forgive Durden a few years back, and I really had a hard time listening to it.

29 bloody tracks, jeezus. Perhaps many of those are little movements. And the songs I've heard are more like The Dear Hunter style of story telling
rather than like some of the musical style/dialogue emphasized songs on Gavin Castleton's "Home" from 2009.

April 6th is rather soon, but I really didn't expect a track list that extensive. But maybe it's a false alarm, and the more the better. Assuming this project is very focused on *themes* and the music. Although this new interview with Jessy might not entirely suggest that.

He talks some about the films there and more on the origin of the project.

But if this works, I hate to compare again, but this may rival TDH in interest in a larger concept/story arc.

3/21/10 2:12PM
this is apparently the cover art
(see above)

3/3/10 12:41AM

new live song

"This Oregon based five piece outfit is full of talented multi-instrumentalists that give their music a wide range of feel and emotion. They bounce from track to track, sometimes with simple acoustic arrangements, and others with full on production including a full choir. It should be a great night in SODO, and a rare treat for those bold enough to stay out late on a school night."

2/26/10 11:56PM

7 albums, 3 films. That's a lot to live up to. And the Coheed/The Dear Hunter comparisons are probably impossible to ignore.

That being said, the ambition level on this whole thing went up a couple of notches.

A Very Important Message
February 24th, 2010 by Jessy | 10 Comments

The River Empires (band) is the soundtrack for a trilogy that will soon be told in film format- The River Empires I,II, & III (movies). The trilogy will tell the story of two children who, during one particular summer, find a glass bottle with a message in it that changes their lives forever. As the trilogy will tell the story from the beginning to end, the band soundtracks the films from end to beginning. Now this is one of seven records that will soundtrack the films, but because the films have yet to be revealed, there was need for an introduction to the story. Since the soundtrack is from end to beginning, that just wasn’t possible. So the idea was decided that the debut record put out by The River Empires (band) would be the epilogue to the trilogy. Hence the reason why this record is self titled (the following soundtracks will be clear which parts in the films they are scoring). This debut record is a musical journey that sums up thematic ideas weaved throughout the entire tale. The story will not make sense to you after listening to this record, nor will you gain any insight as to the mysteries following the first film of the trilogy. The story hasn’t even begun. This is simply a conclusive presentation to a world of perplexity, oddity, mystery and detail that, after the film trilogy and the other six soundtracks are finished, will be a nostalgic look back on the beginning of a strange and terrifying idea called The River Empires.

Brace yourselves for April 6, 2010.

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