Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Notes (lazy entry)

New Rush single will be released to radio stations next month. One of their new songs is called "Caravan" I guess. has an interview with Alex Lifeson where he confirms it and talks about the upcoming tour.

The documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage" is premiering in theaters and/or VH1/VH1 Classic on June 26th. I don't quite follow that, or I read it wrong.

-I Love You Man still sucks.

-I haven't bought my ticket for their show at the State Fair. I'm wondering if going up there and looking for an extra would be a better move like I have the last 2 tours. I would like to see The Camera Eye and Vital Signs live anyway (and Jacob's Ladder).

Business Cards are coming for this little blog..(and I'm sure people really care!, lol)

I got a virus from vidtomp3 don't go there. Twas a effective youtube audio-riopping site for a little while, but now it's a danger zone for spyware and other shit.

And it cost me a little cash to get my os re-installed. Lesson learned.

-part of the new Menomena album's artwork is up on their myspace now. I want to see it all and more important, HEAR it. As I'm not sure anything has a shot at taking down The River Empires for aoty, but certainly their upcoming album, Mines, would be one.

-I love The River many ways it is like Blood Moon or Set Sail the Prairie all over again. I just want to see 6 months from now, if I'm still putting it on every week or more, then it will make that much sense. It's definitely quite original no matter. And I'm starting to get into Falling Up and wavering but still enjoying The Gloomcatcher as well. A review hopefully should happen soon.

Along those lines though..with the flurry of new albums surfacing or dropping, right now, I'd say basically beyond TRE and The Gloomcatcher, the only thing that has grabbed me a lot is Foals. Fuck that album has some great stuff on it. But beyond that: Judgement Day's new album is impressive for what it is, as a mood album. But it's excellent for that. And the new Jeremy Messersmith is pretty good, although I can't say yet if it's even as good as 2008's "Silver City."

The New Pornographers
Minus the Bear

all hype and lacking impressiveness right now.

MN based extreme metal band The Crinn's new album, on the other hand, I kind of was impressed by.

-Antoine Dufour just arrived
-Walking Sleep should happen soon
-Brain Drill as well
-Pain of Salvation as well (not expecting a lot sadly)
-The Chap hopefully soon, but it may not be easy to hear it even after it drops depending on things.

Bend Sinister also mentioned recently they have a new ep coming with 3 new studio songs, and 2 or 3 live tracks of new songs as well. Kind of sounds like the Fair to Midland Drawn and Quartered EP.

The Reign of Kindo's new album is expected in June. An album title is already picked out I guess.

God is an Astronaut's new album isn't far away either.

TV: the new Dr.Who I dig. Karen Gillan has the most seductive, crazy eyes I've ever seen. She would hypnotize me, easily.

Some kind of wrap-up 2010 fall announcement blog hopefully is coming, although I have a crazy concert calendar in the next 6 weeks. But some 3 weeks from now I think is the lineup announcement week. Castle is back thank gawd. But Chuck, Gary Unmarried, Accidentally On Purpose, Parenthood and Fringe off the top of my head, are the shows I watch, whose fate is unclear about.

i got 3 maybe 4 movies to see soon in theaters.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Ghost Writer
The Square

should be within the next 2 weeks. Plus "Timer" on ON DEMAND which was compared to a Charlie Kaufman movie and is/was at the Twin Cities International Film Festival. But with it ON DEMAND through June, I plan to watch it from my couch.

I also have reviews from "Police Adjective," "Greenberg," and "The Joneses" which hopefully soon I'll find a way to write up. All of them were luke warm at best. Best picture I've seen of 2010 remains "Fish Tank" with "City Island" being 2nd best. I hope something soon leaves a stronger mark than those last 3 I saw.

The Apples in Stereo concert is this Saturday, which is the 1st of maybe 8 or more concerts I have soon.

-Soap covering Pink Floyd's "Animals"
-Jeremy Messersmith cd release show
-Jimmy Gnecco
-Pat Metheny
-Annuals/The Most Serene Republic
-Local Natives
-The New Pornographers

maybe Steve Hackett/Renaissance with Annie Haslam in Minneapolis or Milwaukee

Wolf Parade
Roger Waters
Orphaned Land