Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caprica: Midseason

This is something I wrote one day after work soon after the midseason finale.

The 1st season (or 1/2 season) of this show has been maybe as good if not better than I expected. It is a prequel series, but not being done in such an
obvious way. Connecting the dots so predictably and melodramatically as other ineffective prequels have been done. It is not really BSG -1.0. But at the same time, telling the origin of a mechanical or artificial lifeform, can be interesting, if they avoid cheese. Everything with the holo technology and avatars being alive; and how the 1st cylon found it's way out of the v-world. And being the avatar of the daughter of the co's ceo.

I think the girl who plays Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) is probably the most interesting part of the show, which they cast the right actor to play her. She's both beautiful yet compelling. They are selling, like BSG did, the (AI) Cylon-sympathy.

So now how they're going to tell what she does at Gemenon could be interesting. What is in Gemenon? some scientists working on synthesized bodies? More of how the human Zoe was so brilliant to create a seemingly real copy of herself in the v-world? And what is both James Marsters and the head mistress's relationship to whoever she needs to see at Gemenon. I sense whoever it is, we will learn more of what the human Zoe was going there for, and for good reasons why.

Of course the plot with Daniel Graystone and Vergis keeps heating up. And is Amanda dead? I suppose it could go either way, and it may depend on if the actress decided she wants to continue on the show.

We'll see. Merlin takes over Caprica's timeslot this coming Friday and I imagine it will be on for a number of months. Stargate Universe (blech) , Warehouse 13 (yay!), Eureka (blech) or that Amanda Tapping Sanctuary show may also be aired there. But it's supposed to return for the 2nd half of the 1st season next late Summer/early Fall.