Monday, December 2, 2019

Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 + Others

Mostly about Black Friday Record Store Day 2019, and mostly the Wife's stuff. But some cool stuff and a bit of a story/commentary.

um, yeah the weight I lost looks almost creepy in this video, but it makes sense I suppose given what I am going through right now.

Given i am on PTO this week, I may make some more videos depending on time.

The Monkees - Christmas Party Plus! Tuxedo - Get the Money! feat. Ceelo Green / Own Thang feat. Toni! Tony! Tone Lizzo - Coconut Oil Janet Jackson - Control the Remixes The Family Crest 2/13/20 (ticket) (Mentioned: Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks CD) (Mentioned: The Family Crest - The War: Act II) Foals - Everything Saved will Not Be Lost Part 2 Typhoon - White Lighter Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs