Saturday, December 7, 2019

A-Z: Clann Zú

Clann Zú  an Australian band who I 1st was told about on the dredg fans forum "Traversing" around 2007 when some discussion about Kiss Kiss was happening and there was a comparison.

I also discovered the American band Murder By Death per that discussion if i recall correctly.

Clann Zú were a band who had this very unique vocalist named Declan de Barra and combined Western folk tones with dynamics really well.

They only released 2 full length albums, Rua and Black Coates and Bandages. I waiver which one I prefer, as they are both pretty close to equally good. Rua the debut album (2002? or 2000? RYM and Wiki show different years) I suppose would be my choice if I had to pick.

"'Zu" as they have been called, use of piano violin really standout to me at times. And I would call it "Post Rock" of a kind, but with much emphasis on the vocals as the atmospheric instrumentation.

Declan de Barra has done solo music I know of, and I recall liking, but never loving. But the last time I listened to it was probably close to 10 years ago or more. I guess he resides in Los Angeles and he may be involved in other music that I probably should look into soon.

edit: Declan de Barra is a SCREENWRITER in Hollywood per Wiki, he's written for some TV like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals among others. Weird.

a bit of an Andy Sturmer thing there (Jellyfish had 2 albums like Clann Zú), although Andy I guess does music? in Hollywood.