Monday, December 23, 2019

Favorite 2010-2019 Movies

No time, no blurbs, images, trailers, etc.

Hardly a complete list, not even ranked.

Someday if/when I ever do have time, I'll want to update this and find a lot of INDEPENDENT FILMS I'm missing (A24 THOUGH? SAVE FOR THE LOBSTER, NONE OF THEIR FILMS HAVE COMPARED TO MANY OF THE GREAT INDEPEDENT SCIFI OF THE 80'S, 90'S AND 2000'S)

The Ghost Writer
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Winter's Bone
Everything Must Go
Even the Rain
Sound of Noise
God Bless America
The Sessions
It's a Disaster
Wreck-It Ralph
The East
Begin Again
Short Term 12
Guardians of the Galaxy
Love and Mercy
The Lego Movie
Victoria/My Name is Victoria
The Lobster
Inside Out
Sing Street