Friday, February 23, 2018

Tax the Heat - Change Your Position (2017-2018)

So That Drummer Guy mentioned this UK band to me earlier today, per an interview he did with 1 of the members which is below.

I've of course never heard of them; and I checked out 1 of their most popular tracks from their last/debut album from 2016, and it's really quite good. Full of energy, riffy blues rock that reminds me of the likes of Wolfmother or White Denim as he compared them to.

Anyway, so this new album Change Your Position comes out on March 9th and I will definitely look to checking it out just hear that track below and the album preview.

Preorder link

Release date March 9, 2018

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1. Money in the Bank
2. Change Your Position
3. Playing With Fire
4. All That Medicine
5. On The Run
6. The Last Time
7. Taking The Hit
8. My Headspace
9. We Are Consumers
10. Cut Your Chains
11. Wearing A Disguise
12. The Symphony Has Begun