Friday, February 23, 2018

Grimus - Unmanageable Species (2017-2018)

edit 2:
Physical CD
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1 Heart To Break 3:31
2 You End I 3:19
3 Dysfunctional 4:11
4 Albatross 4:29
5 Piblokto 4:32
6 Carelessly 3:15
7 Sunrise 3:22
8 TV and Booze 3:19
9 Illusions Have No Flaws 4:45

edit: 2nd video/single "Piblokto"

 I'm adding this here, but it's a bit hard to be fully confident without some research or more details, especially considering it seems this is being initially released at a Concert

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But from the info I found and the article linked below, the concert and album is coming on Friday, February 23rd. I wonder if they will put it up on Bandcamp or 1 of the streaming sites (like the single below is) with more clear details.

Grimus of course are from Romania and their music is vaguely similar to Ours and some other bands I enjoy. I really enjoy all their albums, namely their last one from 2014 Emergence.

The 1st single "Carlessly" is below.

Article (in Romanian,but translated per Google)

The winter of 2018 brought a new material signed by Grimus, "Unmanageable Species". Recorded and mixed in Germany in August 2017, the disc will be released on February 23 through a concert to be held at Fratelli Studios in Bucharest. All nine tracks are in English, produced by Jan Kerscher.

Cover of the album

Track List?

Heart To Break
You End I
TV And Booze
Illusions Have No Flaws