Friday, October 14, 2016

REVERE - Rest in Peace

So British Band Revere have finally called it a day.
They sent me a package with some stuff from their last campaign which included a signed Setlist from a concert in 2015, and then a signed copy of their latest release, Man of Atom.

And for that I want to thank Revere for sure.

Stephen Ellis specifically as he included a nice note, thanking me in the package.

(I'll try and show it on YouTube hopefully soon)

This news of their ending while is sad, I guess I can't be highly surprised by save for the fact they've been a band for so many years (15) and yet have always been particular on how often and what they release. But many of their peers retired long before them (Pure Reason Revolution, Oceansize namely), so it was odd how they managed to stay afloat longer. I suppose a band like Archive or Biffy Clyro still are thankfully, although at least with Biffy, they did gain a large following in recent years, so that makes some sense.

I guess I've grown to see them as a live band who only recorded material when it was fully ready to record (and they had the funds of course). Why they have a limited body of work, even though they were a band for 15 years. 4 EP's, many singles and 2 full-lengths.

But their full-length albums, Hey! Selim and My Mirror / Your Target I enjoy both certainly. Their style of chamber/baroque pop/rock I always have liked and thought of with some of the other artists in the last 10-15 years using that kind of instrumentation and approach to creating music.

It is a little sad that I never got to see them live, but they are from across the pond, and while they seemed to gain a following over there, the US and North America, it was mostly blogs like my own here that found them on their radar.

So the story goes.

Hopefully the members will have future musical work to check out down the line, but until then, we do have a new video off Man of Atom, "Sonder" done by Ryan Pearce aka Man of Atom
to check out.

Revere's Homepage 

It is with a heavy heart that we announce our  decision for  REVERE to call it a day. After more than 15 years together, and as many lineup changes, we feel the time has come for us to focus on other musical projects.
We feel immensely proud of what we've achieved in more than 15 years together as a band, leaving behind two albums, a handful of EPs and a large collection of singles. This has also been done without any major support from a record label (although we must give shoutouts to Albino, Gift Of The Gab and V2). We were often asked why we were still together and the truth was that we just enjoyed writing and playing music together. We felt that what we were doing was a little bit different and exciting and enough of you agreed with us to keep us going. Thank you for that! Your support has meant everything to us!

Behind the scenes, we especially want to thank Dave Jewerén Moore whose brilliant production skills and endless patience helped mould us into the band we eventually became. Also Ryan Pearce, whose visuals and music videos added further layers of meaning and excitement to our live shows. It is fitting that our last video, for Sonder, was also made by Ryan and is a video we are especially proud of.